Social media sharing platform YouTube is so accessible to many internet users across all ages. As a result, many cyber criminals are taking advantage of the situation and are hacking into YouTube accounts and selling them for money. That’s why we decided to step into this and try to help these YouTube users to get their hacked accounts back.

YTUnlocker is developed by two programmers who are also tech and security lovers. Their love for producing all kinds of applications, internet network systems, and websites led to this innovative breakthrough, the YTUnlocker. These wants to help those users who need to recover their accounts.

What is YTUnlocker?

Using the brute-force type hacking attack, YTUnlocker can work smoothly on the YouTube platform. This is customized software that works using a list of all possible password combinations of words and characters until it matches the username.

YouTube has reinforced its security after frequent attacks on online accounts, making it harder to penetrate. Thanks to the abilities of the two developers, YTUnlocker becomes a powerful tool that can bypass these security systems.

Supported by a private server via an API system, YTUnlocker can attack the login page with multiple attempts and prevents YouTube from blocking the IP address because it refreshes after three unsuccessful attempts.